Innovation Analysis

The customer is at the center of all innovation. Individual personality and opinion provide the basis for the discovery of all innovation. To uncover these individual preferences and needs, customer analysis and systematic computer-assisted surveys provide valuable insights for innovation consulting. The Innovation Institute has many years of experience in customer analysis and is especially active in the automotive, IT, financial services and telecommunication sector.

The Institute adapts individually to the needs and demands of its clients. It is our belief that a high-quality customer analysis must fit the unique requirements of each project.

Typically, the process starts with an exact analysis of the respective innovation idea or the product or service bundle. In addition, a simulation of different media or sales alternatives is carried out. Based on this, surveys are conducted, according to the different customer clusters.

Ultimately, an exact scenario analysis is developed which illustrates and describes the different innovation types, media variants, sales alternatives and target group fit.

Daniel Düsentrieb does not fiddle alone anymore

Not everything which is called innovation, is a real one. Even if the original idea is still so brilliant: Innovations do not fall simply from the sky.

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