Innovation Institut

The „Innovation Institute” belongs to the leading innovation consultancies focusing on the interplay between technology and market.

We support your innovations in terms of development, assessment and marketing. In 1988, the company was founded in Frankfurt aiming at sharing specialized knowledge. Since already 30 years, the Innovation Institute has completed multiple innovation in various industries.

The focus of this consultancy service is on providing empirical research on technology trends, market development related to new partnerships, analyzing customer acceptance behavior as well as market opportunities across different industries.

Offices in Frankfurt, Paris and Miami represent the Innovation Institute’s international approach. Employees present different academic backgrounds such as technical, economical or natural sciences that allow a broad analysis and understanding. Multiple market leaders count to the customer base that appreciate excellence Innovation consultancy from the Innovation Institute.

Our Focus

The Innovation Institute consists of consultants who demonstrate various experience and expertise across all fields. This enables countless transfer analysis between industries such as the automobile, finance, consumer, telecommunication, health care etc.

Depending on the area of interest, the Innovation Institute consultant provide individualized evaluations such as competitor analysis, cooperation concepts or brainstorming.

Examples for revised technologies are alternative drive, battery & charge technologies, energy recovery, CO2 reduction, new materials, new lighting methods, information technologies, innovation portals, open innovation and IncarWellbeing.

Innovation Consultancy

The Innovation Institute has specialized on innovation development, innovation consultancy service, innovation marketing based in Frankfurt. National as well as international projects belong to our daily business, which incorporates an analysis of technologies, markets and customers. Finally, the focus of the service is the enablement and application of innovation in real life. The Innovation Institute belongs to the leading German innovation consultancies in this respective field.


Today, innovations represent the foundation of future oriented companies. In order to survive in an ever faster changing environment, flexibility is key for accepting tomorrow’s challenges. Dedicated tools and approaches allow the Innovation Institut finding these insights. Therefore, we provide different workshops such as modern design thinking, modern innovation management or marketing workshops.


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