Innovation Ideas

Today, more than ever does the economic success of companies depend on their innovative capacity. Innovative products and services are often the only means for businesses in highly competitive markets to set themselves apart from their competition.

At the beginning of every innovation, there is an idea. Generating ideas and separating the good from the not so good ideas becomes a key competence for innovative companies. For the assessment of innovation ideas, different factors are relevant: Practicability, novelty, imitability or fit with customer preferences are important criteria for the evaluation of innovation ideas.

The Innovation Institute can support you with the search and development of innovation ideas and can help you pursue and realize those ideas that promise the most success. We are experts in many different sectors (automotive, telecommunication, IT, consumer goods, financial services) and through our excellent knowledge of these sectors we are able to assess the market potential and the attractiveness of different innovation ideas.

Due to our extensive knowledge we are also the ideal partner for the generation of innovation ideas. We know about the needs of different market participants, are aware of the deficits of existing solutions and can therefore provide you with professional advice for the development of promising innovation ideas and help you close market gaps.

Innovation management for livable inner cities

The future topic of alternative drive technologies has been one of the most important topics for the German economy, not only since the high oil price and the current drop in sales in the automotive industry. Innovation management for the environmental problems of CO2 emissions and particulate matter pollution in metropolitan areas has been an underestimated topic for many years.

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