Innovation Collaborations

Innovation collaborations are one of the most effective instruments in competition. They offer an opportunity for the faster realization of an innovation by means of a joint and shared research and development work and can thereby generate a competitive advantage. Collaborations are possible between private businesses or between a private business and a public research institution such as a university. 

Today, innovation collaborations also offer the possibility to share the fairly high investments for research and development. Thereby, the risk of investing in new technologies is also shared by more than one party. Furthermore, market expenses, customer expenses and sales expenses are minimized. And on top, the pooled established clientele and the joint suppliers’ image raise the prospects for success.

Innovation collaborations can also raise the chances for joint projects between private businesses and/or public research institutions to succeed in applying for a national funding programme. Especially for small businesses, innovation collaborations offer the chance to learn from larger companies’ expertise or know-how and to benefit from their experience in application processes and innovation management.

The Innovation Institute can support you in finding matching partners for the development and realization of your innovative ideas. We help you manage your collaborative projects and assist you with the coordination of tasks or the communication between the project partners.