Workshops for the successful handling of innovations

All our workshops are held in german. If you are interested in English-speaking workshops, we will be happy to refer you to one of our partners.

Today, innovations are the basis of a future-oriented company. If you want to survive in the face of ever increasing competition, you have to be flexible to be able to face the challenges of tomorrow. However, this is not possible without the appropriate instruments and tools. The Innovation Institute therefore offers various workshops for innovation management and innovation marketing.

Both subject areas can influence each other strongly. On the one hand, innovations have to be developed systematically so that the innovation marketing can place them on the market, and on the other hand, even the best innovation cannot exist on the market without a quick marketing strategy.

Workshop innovation management

The aim of the "Innovation Manager Certified (II)" workshop is to further qualify you for the tasks of innovation management. On the basis of case studies, which are discussed and worked on together, the understanding of processes, procedures and methods in innovation management can be learned and expanded.

Workshop innovation marketing

The aim of the "Innovation Marketing" workshop is to prepare you for the marketing of innovations using various case studies from top European companies.