Innovation Management

Innovation management requires that products and processes are accompanied from their invention to their market success. For decades, the Innovation Institute has been a competent partner in innovation management for various companies from many different branches.

The Innovation Institute is especially active with regard to products from the following branches: Financial services, IT, Telecommunication, Consumer goods and Automotive. Examples for the institute’s successful involvement in innovation management are: “films for lithium-ion batteries”, “the electronic letter”, “mobile services”, “features for electric vehicles” and many more.

Innovation management delivered by the Innovation Institute provides support along the entire supply chain – from conducting market research for your R & D department to supporting you with your market introduction.

Innovation & Security for Connected Cars

Innovation management does not stop after the market entry. Innovation management means the continuous support of new products until the gain of the market leading position.

An example for this concept is the study “Innovation & Security of Connected Cars”. The study reveals, based on surveys conducted in the United Kingdom and Germany that the majority of vehicle users expect a greater need for functions in connected cars.

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Innovation through communication

A short study on innovation management: Interplay of innovation and communication in the German financial services and automotive industries.

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