Innovation Consulting

The Innovation Institut is a business consultancy based in Frankfurt (Main), specialized in innovation development, innovation consultancy and innovation marketing. We are working both nationally and internationally in various different sectors and unite strategic consultancy with technology, market and customer analysis. Our focus is always on the implementation-oriented innovation consultancy. Here, the Innovation Institute is the leading innovation consultancy in Germany.

The focus of our innovation consultancy is on the scientific assessment of innovations regarding customer acceptance and market potential, as well as on empirical surveys regarding technological trends and the development of cross-sector collaborations in the innovation environment. For the analysis we use a combination of scientific processes and creative methods. Among our clients are leading companies of all economic sectors who value our excellent innovation consultancy.


The rate of innovation is increasing! In this survey causes and conclusions from the increasing speed of innovation were examined. It is representative for the German economy as the input of more than 300 decision-makers was analysed.

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