Incar Nature

People tend to spend increasingly more time in cars, which is why it is inevitably important to develop concepts in order to increase drivers’ comfort and wellbeing in their vehicles. Dr. Axel Glanz and Sabrina Haible address in this article exactly this issue by introducing a new aspect in the automotive industry: Incar Nature. While different potential plant species got examined, this article also includes a market analysis and possible economic benefit.

20 Years Digital Business

Dr. Axel Glanz, managing director at Innovationen Institut, already paid attention to the matter of digital business 20 years ago. At that time, he predicted the significant relevance of the digital development and the various opportunities arising from this. Concurrently, he also emphasized on possible risks for companies, which do not become actively involved in these developments. 

White Paper IncarWellbeing

The White Paper IncarWellbeing written by Axel Glanz and Ferdinand Bödeker has been recently published.

Cooperation with ESG - Security in connected cars

In cooperation with the German ESG, a partner of the Innovationen Institute, an article dealing with the topic of security in connected cars was published.

Innovation & Security for Connected Cars

Innovation management does not stop after the market entry. Innovation management means the continuous support of new products until the gain of the market leading position.

An example for this concept is the study “Innovation & Security of Connected Cars”. The study reveals, based on surveys conducted in the United Kingdom and Germany that the majority of vehicle users expect a greater need for functions in connected cars.

An article about innovation management – NET journal for communication management

The importance of high-quality innovation management regarding M2M, RFID, Smart Metering, TK- and telematics solutions for industrial and utility companies is ever growing.

Innovation Managenemt - Book: Machine-to-Machine Communication

The book Machine-to-Machine Communication by Dr. Axel Glanz and Oliver Jung provides a detailed example for the possibilities of the innovation management – available at Campus Press.

Innovation management – Volume: The early innovation phase

Methods and strategies for the predevelopment phase: published by Dr. Axel Glanz, Prof. Dr. Jens Gutsche and Dr. Carsten Gundlach – 508 pages, focus topic: innovation management – available at Symposium Press.  

Convergence in Telecommunications

Article in the FAZ journal about innovation management and the convergence of fixed net and mobile net. The article can be accessed via  

Study: Innovation Management – convergence of fixed net & mobile net

Study: Fixed mobile convergence to support the German industry’s competitiveness. A representative, empirical survey of the German industry on behalf of Vodafone.

For lively and liveable city centers

Article from 2009, published in the IHK journal: The future key topic alternative drive technologies is one of the most important issues for the German economy and not only due to last year's rise in oil prices and the automotive industry’s current decline in sales. The environmental issues regarding CO2-emissions and fine dust pollution in conurbation areas have been a underestimated, global problem for many years.



To remain an innovation study innovations & growth

To be competitive on a continuing basis, German companies need optimum basic conditions and location conditions. Also certified and motivated staff as well as a modern infrastructure are important...



Article of the FAZ of 08/2007

Articles from the area of Economy of the from the 08th of August, 2007 about innovations in Germany. To be found on the website of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (

Innovations in Germany – essential requirement for the existence in the market (economy in Mittelnassau 07/2007)

The openness for the readiness to innovations and the courage to venture this, together with the best possible qualification of the working people living here, is the most important conditions for the future ability of our national economy …

From other industries learn (economic forum IHK 03/2007)

Professional innovation management the determining competitive factor is the future ability for many companies. Beginning while generating ideas, about the assessment of innovations, pretest and market launches up to the enforcement in the market, all actors are demanded in the company …

Innovation engine of Europe (economic forum IHK 12/2006)

Them is very high Innovation-efficiently in Germany in comparison to the other European countries. Us are better than us always state …

Daniel Düsentrieb does not fiddle any more only (Hessian economy 09/2006)

Not everything which is called innovation, is a real one. Even if the original idea is still so brilliant: Innovations do not fall simply from the sky …

By eBusiness the innovation trials in company optimise (business innovation management in 2005)

Meaning of innovation – A rule of thumb says that a company, at least 10 percent of its turnover with new or anew decorated to products, should gain to be successful in the long term in the market …

Innovations: Priorisierung asked (production 10/2004)

The misalignment of research and development performances will dramatically grow during the coming years. In parallel it is a matter for the companies of speeding up the innovation strength in Germany …

Article of the FAZ of 08/2004

Articles from the area of Economy of the FAZ from the 18th of August, 2004 about innovations in Germany. To be found on the website of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (

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